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Best Drone Propeller

  • Precise Agriculture /irrigation/drone Components

    Contact NowPrecise Agriculture /irrigation/drone ComponentsIt is a professional agricultural rotary centrifugal spraying nozzle which can spray various water and emulsions. As the sprayed particles are ultra-fine, uniform and highly atomized, it is especially suitable for agricultural UAV spraying of various high concentration, low-capacity pesticide,...Read More

  • China agriculture drone/sprayers/supplier

    Contact NowChina agriculture drone/sprayers/supplierThe hexrcopter agricultural uav is our independent researched and developed high intelligent unmanned pesticide spraying machine, which is designed for precision variable rate application of liquid pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides, bringing new levels of efficiency and manageability to the agricultural sector.Read More

  • Best Crop Dusting/monitoring/ /sprayers Drone/crop Dusting Drones

    Contact NowBest Crop Dusting/monitoring/ /sprayers Drone/crop Dusting Dronesbest crop dusting/monitoring/ /sprayers drone/crop dusting drones 1. Product description SLK series Farm type intelligent unmanned plant protection machine is the company's independent research and development of highly intelligent medium-sized pesticide spraying machine. Agriculture sprayer...Read More

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Xi'an Wideworldz Aviation Technology Co.,Ltd

Address: Hongyuan Building, No.66,2nd Keji Road, Hi-Tech Industrial Zone, Xi’an China
Tel: +86 29 89196083
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