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Corn Armyworm Outbreak, Our Company Organized The Spraying Drone Team To Rescue

Recently, affected by the climate, our country's Shaanxi, Ningxia, Jilin, Inner Mongolia and other places have appeared in the situation of corn armyworm large outbreak, of which Ningxia is the most serious. The sudden armyworms have a wide range of large and serious disaster, so it has been received the government's great attention, by coordinating the efforts of the various parties to control the armyworm disease, thereby reducing the degree of disaster.

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Understanding the disaster situation, our company actively responded to the government's call, and promptly organized the flight team to spray pesticide by our agriculture drone to assist the local villagers preventing the armyworm disease. Our company has deployed 8 flying operators and 6 unmanned aerial vehicles drone, and used the total autopilot drone operation mode, in four days, the total area of operation reached 500 hectares.

spray pesticide by drone.jpg

spraying pesticide by uav.jpg

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