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Agricultural UAV &precise farming

On April 13th, being invited by China Anhui Provincial Precision Agriculture Technology Center and Anhui Provincial High Efficiency Agriculture Center, our company and its subsidiary Shenzhen Bibang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. participated in the “2017 China Precision Agriculture Intelligent Application Press Conference” and reached a comprehensive strategic cooperation in unmanned plant protection drone and agricultural large data management. Anhui Provincial Agricultural Commission, Anhui Agricultural University, farmer representative and the media representatives attended this conference. We demonstrate our pesticide agricultural drones and UAV, flight control, pesticide flow control system, autopilot drone pesticide spraying system and large data platform for precise farming.



Our management introduced our company's development, agricultural drones and R & D capability. Meanwhile, we have launched fully automatic intelligent plant protection UAV operating system and agricultural plant protection data platform for the precision agriculture, efficient agriculture and the development of shared agriculture. In the meeting, Anhui Precision Agriculture Technology Center and the company signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement, we will work together in Anhui Province to promote our plant protection UAV and agricultural data system.




After the meeting, in the Feidong Agricultural Ecological Park carried out plant protection UAV wheat spray three anti-flying demonstration and on-site training guidance. On April 14,  in Anhui Chuzhou we demonstrate "one station multi-drone" combat operations for three anti-plant protection plant . Our drones sprayed 6 acres in one hour, which been unanimously agreed and praised.


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Xi'an Wideworldz Aviation Technology Co.,Ltd

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