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research platform system 1

Full autonomous, long flight time, vertical take-off and landing scientific research platform system


For a variety of needs of air flight research, expedition, exploration, intervention and other mission requirements

, multi-rotor class UAV is a good mount test andtask platform. Our "Goshawk" level multi-axis coaxial anti-paddle

 UAV platform system has a variety of tasks with a flexible load, mount test, to achieve vertical take-off and 

landing, heavy load and long voyage. Accordingto the special needs, this UAV platform can be specially 

designed and developed.

Parameters and functions

1. "Goshawk" eight-axis counter-propeller unmanned platform system:

    1) Load: 0 ~ 10KG

    2) Life time 0 ~ 30min (hovering, up to 45min)

    3) height 0 ~ 1000m

    4) radius 0 ~ 3000m

    5) climbing speed of 0 ~ 3m / sec

    6) level flight speed 0 ~ 10m / sec

2. mount operating environment:

    1) Operating temperature -15 ~ 70

    2) flight altitude 0 ~ 2000m

    3) wind resistance level 4

    4) supporting the night flight

Contact Us
Xi'an Wideworldz Aviation Technology Co.,Ltd

Address: Hongyuan Building, No.66,2nd Keji Road, Hi-Tech Industrial Zone, Xi’an China

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